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Conference Registration

Conference Registration

Registration is now open. Please review the following information before registering below.  

Registration Types

The types of conference registration are established by the IDRS as follows:

  • IDRS Regular Member Rate – for IDRS regular members, can attend all conference events.

  • IDRS Student Member Rate – for IDRS student members, can attend all conference events.

  • IDRS Family Member Rate – for family members of a registered conference attendee, can attend all conference events. The family member must not be a double reed player.

  • Daily Registration Rate – for anyone to attend all conference events for a single day.

  • Non-Member Registration Rate – for anyone to attend all conference events.

Registration Periods and Rates

Super Early Bird Registration (best discount)  April 3 to May 1

  • IDRS Regular Member – 7,000 THB (about 202 USD)

  • IDRS Student Member – 3,000 THB (about 87 USD)

  • IDRS Family Member – 2,000 THB (about 58 USD)

  • Daily Registration – 4,000 THB (about 116 USD)

  • Non-member – 15,000 THB (about 433 USD)


Early Bird Registration (some discount)  May 2 to May 29

  • IDRS Regular Member – 9,000 THB (about 260 USD)

  • IDRS Student Member – 4,500 THB (about 130 USD)

  • IDRS Family Member – 3,000 THB (about 87 USD)

  • Daily Registration – 4,000 THB (about 116 USD)

  • Non-member – 15,000 THB (about 433 USD)

Regular Registration (no discount) May 30 Onward

  • IDRS Regular Member – 11,000 THB (about 317 USD)

  • IDRS Student Member – 6,000 THB (about 173 USD)

  • IDRS Family Member – 5,000 THB (144 USD)

  • Daily Registration – 4,000 THB (about 116 USD)

  • Non-member – 15,000 THB (about 433 USD)

To Register
  • Please use the email address you use for IDRS registration if selecting a member or student rate. IDRS will check membership status. 

  • The sections for "Affiliation" and "Preferred Pronouns" are optional. If you would like this information on your name card, please fill them out. 

  • On the credit card authorization page, be sure to enter an email address. You must do this to get immediate confirmation of your payment and registration. 

  • You will be emailed a receipt within 5 working days from the College of Music finance office. 

  • For any questions, please email us at

Click here to register:

Note: the payment server is in Thailand. You might want to confirm this with your credit card company prior to registration to avoid issues that may delay registration. 
Collaborative Musicians

Collaborative musicians assisting with the conference do not need to register and will be given a special day pass on the day(s) they perform. This pass will only be given to collaborative musicians who are not double reed players. 

IDRS Baroque Band 2023 Application

The IDRS Baroque Band performs before evening concerts and is open for anyone who wants to play. Click the following link for more Information and to register.


Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation to attend the conference can be provided for anyone who has registered for the event. The letter of invitation is intended to facilitate the participants’ travel and visa arrangements and does not imply the provision of any financial or other support. To request a letter, please send an email to, with details about the letter, including the name of the recipient and the purpose for which you need the letter. The letter will be sent to you by e-mail attachment.


Official Language

The official language of the conference is English, and all important conference information will be provided in English. Conference registration, competition registration, and proposal submission must be completed in English. Lectures may be given in a language other than English, but the presenter is responsible for English translation.

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