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Official Conference Hotel

We are pleased to announce that the official conference hotel is the Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel. Situated directly on the Chao Phraya River, it is a newly renovated 5 star hotel located in one of the most popular areas of Bangkok. Just a few minutes away from Bangkok’s most iconic temples, the hotel is adjacent to ICONSIAM, one of the largest malls in Asia. Also located close to a BTS skytrain station makes it easy to venture out into the city. Or you could begin your adventure by taking a ferry across the river.

We have a partnership with the hotel, which has secured a number of rooms with special pricing. The hotel will also setup a special reception desk for IDRS conference attendees. Finally, we will offer shuttle bus service directly from the hotel to the conference venue throughout the day, which should take about 30 minutes one way. Here is a link to book a room:

Choosing a Hotel Location

The College of Music, Mahidol University is located in the college town of Salaya which is just outside of Bangkok’s west side. Conference participants may wish to stay in Bangkok, Salaya, or somewhere in between. Salaya is about 30-45 minutes away from Bangkok, depending on traffic. There are hundreds of hotels in every price range scattered throughout the greater Bangkok area. Wherever you stay, there are several ways to get to Mahidol University (check out the the conference site page - getting to the College). Also keep in mind that taxis (on the street or using the Grab app) are very inexpensive in Thailand. 


Staying in Bangkok offers the benefit of being nearby to attractions that make the city famous. This incudes dazzling historical palaces and temples, local cultural activities, and fine dining and shopping, among others. If staying in Bangkok, it is recommended to get a room nearby a BTS station on the west side of the city. This will make it easier to get to the conference venue.


Salaya offers the benefit of being closer to the conference, however, there are not many hotels in Salaya. Most of the rooms for rent were originally intended as student dorm rooms. There are a few which have been renovated to serve as hotels, but they generally don’t have many rooms for rent.


To book a hotel room in Thailand we recommend or You can find a wide selection of hotels on these sites. Both sites offer the ability to search a map to find a hotel where you want to stay. The following list provides some of the hotels we recommend, including in Bangkok, Pinklao, and Salaya. 

Bangkok Hotels

All of the recommended hotels on this list are on the West side of the Chao Praya River. A ride to the College will be about 30 minutes, depending on traffic. On most mornings the flow of traffic is going into the city, so there shouldn’t be much traffic getting to the College in the morning. The opposite can be said when returning to Bangkok in the early evening. After the evening gala concerts there will not be much traffic.

The Quarter Chaophyra 

A 4 star hotel on the river near to the ICONSIAM shopping mall. The hotel has an 8.7 rating on 

You can book at or


Cascade Hotel Bangkok

A 4 star hotel near a BTS station. If has a 9.1 rating on 

You can book at or

Ibis Bankok Riverside

A 3 star hotel on the Chao Phyra river that offers a free shuttle to the BTS skytrain system. The hotel has an 8.2 rating on

You can book at or


Hop Inn Krung Thonburi

A budget 2 star hotel near to a BTS station. The hotel has a 9.0 rating on

You can book at or



Technically in Bangkok, Pinklao is a bit closer to the college than the Bangkok hotels listed above. A ride from Pinklao to the conference location will be 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. There are many hotels in this area, and just east of it in the Kaosan Road area. 


S.D. Avenue Hotel

A 3 star hotel located about 3 k.m. from the magnificent Grand Palace and close to the Central Pinklao shopping mall. The hotel has a 7.7 rating on

You can book at or


Royal Rattanoksin Hotel 

A 4 star hotel located about 2 k.m. from the Grand Palace and close to the Central Pinklao shopping mall. It has a 7.5 rating on

You can book at or

The college town and home to the IDRS 2023 conference. There aren't any hotels within walking distance of the college, but a taxi should be able to get you to the conference site in a few minutes. 


The Palm Hotel Salaya

The hotel is located in downtown Salaya. It is a recently renovated 3 star hotel with a nice coffee shop/restaurant that has both Thai and Western dishes. The hotel has an 8.3 rating on

You can book at or

Sukontha Mansion

A simple but highly rated 2 star hotel in Salaya. It has a 7.8 rating on

You can book at or

Posh 41

A cute 2.5 star hotel in downtown Salaya. It has a 7.2 rating on

You can book at or


A basic 3 star hotel in Salaya. It has a 7.5 rating on

You can book at or

Varimantra Hotel

One of the only upscale hotels in Salaya. It has an 8.3 rating on

You can book at or

The Box Residence

This 3 star hotel is consider a condo-hotel. It has an 8.0 rating on

You can book at or

RK Riverside Resort and Spa

This 4 star hotel is located on one of the scenic rivers outside of Bangkok. It is further away from the conference site than the other hotels in the Salaya list, but it is very nice. It has an 8.6 rating on

You can book at or

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